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Sustainable wood

exclusive, handcrafted keepsakes

Every handmade pendant I make is unique, the only one of its kind. No two pendants are shaped exactly the same. Each one also has different pyrography.

All my products have a natural, non-toxic beeswax oil or Danish oil finish, which really brings out the color of the wood and leaves a matte surface.

All pendants are made from sustainable wood. Wood that would have otherwise ended up in a fire place. The pendants are carved with help of hand tools and small machinery. The images on the pendants have been burned into the surface - an art form also known as pyrography.

If you see something on my page that you like and you wish to have a similar or personalised version, that's totally possible! 

Also, if you have an idea for a pendant - or other type of jewelry - feel free to send me an email or a (Facebook) message and we can brainstorm.

I currently sell my pendants on Etsy. Click the logo and it will take you to the my shops. If you want to have first pick, keep an eye on my Facebook page, where I generally publish my items before I list them in my webshops!

Visit my Etsy Shop!
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